December 7th, 2018 by

The Buick Encore is a popular compact luxury SUV that has flexible cargo space and various interior features lending to a comfortable drive. Two interior features of the Buick Encore are the climate control and in-vehicle ionizer and QuietTuning technology.

Its climate control and in-vehicle ionizer helps clean the air of harmful particles while maintaining comfortable temperatures for everyone in the SUV. Passengers can set their own desired temperatures, so that there is no argument between the driver and passengers on whether it’s too hot or cold. QuietTuning technology enables a quieter driving experience from inside. This technology consists of acoustic laminated glass and triple door seals to help block noise coming from outside the vehicle.

The Buick Encore’s interior features set a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for driving. Its climate control and in-vehicle ionizer and QuietTuning technology are just two examples of its excellent interior features. You can test drive the Buick Encore to explore its full suite of interior features at Fagan Automotive in Janesville, WI.

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