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Here at Fagan Automotive we like to celebrate our Irish heritage especially in March! What better way for a car dealership to do so than taking a look at what once was the automotive heartbeat of the emerald isle.

1) The Shamrock
This car was created with the intention to be imported to the U.S. for the large luxury sedan market. A planned release of 10,000 shamrocks quickly became only 10 after various issues. To this day only 8 are known to still exist

2) TMC Costin

This lightweight sports car was designed by Frank Costin to challenge the Lotus-Seven. Despite the Costins racing success TMC went bankrupt in 1987. The chassis design however was incorporated into the Panoz Roadster.

3) The Delorean

Created by John Delorean with investments from Sammy Davis Jr. and Johhny Carson. Quality issues and personal issues of Deloreans spelled the end the of the Delorean automobile. Until it was made famous in Back to the Future of course.

Have a happy St. Patricks Day and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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